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  • everyday_best everyday_best Nov 9, 2012 11:51 AM Flag

    What does Jen's new dividend means to a typical holder of 100 nvidia shares?.

    So Jen declares a $00.075 per share dividend, right?

    What's it mean to a typical holder of 100 nvda shares?


    Let's examine the issue, shall we?

    100 shares x $00.075 per share dividend = $7.50

    Still with me, boys?

    Okay then.

    So what can we do with that?

    Well, let's contemplate that over lunch, shall we?

    $2.90 __ One (1) Big Mac

    $1.50 __ One (1) Large McFries

    $1.50 __ One (1) Medium Strawberry McShake

    $1.20 __ One (1) Apple McPie

    $0.74 __ Applicable taxes (yours may vary)

    $7.84 __ Total

    Why, Best.

    Jen's dividend of $7.50 doesn't even buy the typical nvidia shareholder lunch!

    For one (1) day.

    My my my.

    THIS is, well, McDisappointing.

    The headline sounds so Good, right boys?

    "NVIDIA Corporation declares it's First Ever Cash Dividend."

    But the Reality is, well, quite different.

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    • My my my.

      The delicate sensibilities of getanid61 seem to have been, well, ruffled.

      Having had five (5) of his messages deleted from public view.

      By the fine Yahoo Monitors.

      In just one afternoon, mind you.

      Or is it six (6) messages?

      Without the little "X's" it's so hard to keep track of the frequency and

      mutability of Bad Member Behavior.

    • Yahoo! Terms of Service


      In excerpts.

      "Yahoo! has the right to suspend or terminate your account

      and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service."

      Seems like a good rule, right?

      For flagrantly repeat violators of Yahoo's TOS.

    • X



      My my my.

      The Yahoo Monitors are working like a well-oiled Machine today, boys.

      THREE -- count 'em 3 -- TOS-abusive and likely illicit Libelous messages

      from Badly Behaving Member "getanid61" were speedily removed from

      public view by the fine Yahoo Monitors.

      Unfortunately the new Yahoo doesn't mark the spot with an "X" like the good 'ole days.

      But I'll bet that they're working on it.

      To "optimize the user experience", don't u know.


    • Jeepers Best,

      You know how Yahoo is always asking for feedback?

      "Please provide your feedback so that Yahoo can optimize the user experience."

      Well, one way that they could optimize the user experience is to have that little

      "X" when the fine Yahoo Monitors delete an offensive and/or abusive message.

      Like they just did that harassing, offensive, and Libelous post from getanid61.

      In an impressive four (4) minutes flat.


      It was rightfully deleted.

      By the aforementioned fine Yahoo Monitors.

      But without a trace that the offensive and Libelous message was even posted.

      So Best's suggestion today to Yahoo is -- Bring back the little "X".

    • getanid61,

      Stop posting your harassing, offensive, and Libelous crap, getanid61.

      Your innuendo that Best is a paid basher is simply and patently False.

      As Best has posted before on this Yahoo board (this will be the 33nd time actually);


      "The person associated with the Yahoo ID -- and the other fine People of Bestville --

      is NOT compensated -- directly or indirectly --

      in any way to post on this or any other message board."

      I repeat, NOT compensated in any way.



      Best is just another individual investor.

      Who shorts dog stocks -- like Nvidia.

      Playing the downside -- as well as the upside --

      enhances the return of an otherwise very long,

      blue-chip portfolio.

      You've purported a False Accusation in writing, getanid61.

      And I've now denied it in writing on a global venue.

      33 times now, actually.

      And I'm now behesting you to Cease making

      your False Accusations of me being a paid basher.

      When I am in Fact, not a "paid basher".

      Oh no no no.

      You might want to speak with competent

      legal counsel before replying.

      Since deliberately or inadvertently making your

      Libelous Statements is unlawful in all 50 states.

      After you've been previously warned.

      Which you have been.

      In writing, on a public venue, and behested to stop.

    • donrevels Nov 10, 2012 11:39 AM Flag

      You must go to McDonalds often since you have the menu down pat. Shortie, stop trying to drive the down price.. Get a job, maybe you can buy more than 100 shares and be able to buy a big mac with cheese..

    • "You forgot that on that $7.50 dividend, you first have to pay applicable

      income taxes - currently 15%, but probably going up to 25% with the

      Democrats running everything,"

      Actually, Jen's dividend gets taxed Three times.

      Yes, THREE times, boys.

      First, nvidia pays taxes on their net income Before distributing the dividend.

      Then the hapless nvidia shareholder pays tax on their dividend received.

      And then pays sales tax Again on whatever they buy with it -- in this case

      almost lunch at Mcdonald's.

      Assuming that the hapless nvda shareholder spends the dividend.

      Which is probably a safe assumption.

      Since that $7.50 is juuuust a little small to be forming a multi-generational trust fund.

    • it means their going to earn ~2.4% on their money for holding the shares.

    • You forgot that on the $7.50 dividend, you first have to pay applicable income taxes - figure 25%.

      So you start with $5.62 - won't even buy your typical lunch at McD's.

    • NVidia's 2.4% dividend is a better deal than the 1.9% from your AAPL
      and a far better deal than your 0% darling RMBS...

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