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  • Dec 2, 2012 1:45 PM Flag

    "Windows RT was a bad mistake."

    So there's something in that news article that "somebody" requested

    Yahoo to block.

    "I wonder how Yahoo's filter works", asked Best, curiously.

    Let's try an experiment, shall we?

    Maybe if we add a few characters here and there, it might screw-up

    the filter from well, filtering, right?

    And folks in this Great Freedom of Speech Country of Ours could read it.

    So let's add a few random $ here and there and see what happens.

    Here's yet another attempt to post that apparently blocked story.

    Well actually, it's about the 10th attempt, but who's counting.

    The Windows $8 Sales Data Is In, And It's Bad $ News For Micro$soft

    Nicholas Carl$son | Nov. 30, 2012, 8:$17 AM

    "NP$D research published some bad news for Micro$soft yesterday. Despite releasing an entirely new operating system on October 22 of this year, Windows PC sales $shrank 21 percent between 10/21 and 11/17 vers$us the same period last year.

    Windows 8 tablet sales during that period were "almost non$existent" – just 1 percent of all Windows 8 $sales.

    “It hasn’t made the market any worse, but it hasn’t stimulated things either,” Stephen Bak$er, an analyst at NP$D, told The New York $Times. “It hasn’t provided the impetus to sales everybody hoped for.”

    No kid$ding.

    Yesterday, we reported other bad news: Asu$s CFO Dav$id Cha$ng's comment that "demand for Windows 8 is not that good right now."

    Microsoft cut its order of Sur$face tablets for the year to two million units, down from four million.

    This is a very sca$ry time for Microsoft."

    Google it, boys : The Windows 8 Sales Data Is In, And It's Bad News For Microsoft Business Insider

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