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  • Dec 5, 2012 10:26 AM Flag

    Do the sheep wave their paws in the air on the way down the Sheepie Coaster?

    "Step right up, boys and ewes, and experience tha Amazing Gravity Railroad.

    It's just 50 cents a ride, don't u know."

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    • I think bagholders are so caught in NVDA spin that they don't know DOWN from UP anymore. Some have resorted to fantasy conversations between CEO and "interim" CFO. While others feel bashing Apple will somehow help NVDA.

      Invest in NVDA if you are a fan of "capital destruction" else put your money in quality semi's like QCOM, BRCM - heck even MRVL and INTC are better long term investments.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • Quality semis...come on? Please elaborate!? Would you have said that 10 years ago? I highly doubt it, as Intel was king of wall street. My guess is what people like you don't seem to understand or fail to divulge is despite the growth profile in mobile, one of which NVIDIA is competing in and gaining market share BTW, but the flip side of this growth equation; which is that there is a high end PC, server, workstation as well as game market still growing. It may not be growing in respects to the casual industrialized consumer but it is growing. Additionally, with more consolidation through attrition there is still going to be additional demand due to reduced capacity.

    • pathetic nutjob thinks his bot posts actually cheerlead the stock up or down. What a loser. Get a real job.

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