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  • j7777kxx j7777kxx Jan 4, 2013 9:53 PM Flag

    Nvidia's Initiation Of A Dvidend Has Changed My Thinking On Nvidia

    Back in the Day when trading nvidia and I had 15% pop on a trade I would sell and park the proceeds in monthly dividend payer like a closed in Australian Bond fund and wait for a roll over. I certainly would have sold today back then.....but I didn't.

    Further upside I believe, but when the pull back comes I'm sure it won't be much of anything.

    Love that Dividend....Don't You?.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • "A long term investor is a short term trader who missed his exit."

      -- Bestfucius

    • The dividend will make nvda even More volatile.

      Yes, even More Volatile, boys.

      Struggling shrinking dog stocks -- like nvda -- will be shorted.

      That's a given.

      It's nature's way.

      But the shorts don't like paying "rent" on the borrowed shares.

      No matter how cheap the "rent".

      So they'll taper-off around the quarterly ex-dividend dates.

      And hit the stock even Harder in between.

      Notice the new 22,000,000+ short interest that developed after the dividend?

      The Highest short interest for the entire year?

      That was no coincidence.

      That's a cause-and-effect result of the dividend.

      Enjoy your even More Volatile nvda purchase, boys.

    • Though the dividend is nice, it should not sway your investment philosophy. Let's be for real, it's only 30 cents/share and we all know that NVDA can swing that much within 15 minutes.

      I'm long NVDA, believe it will go higher, but would not let the dividend change my investing as far as the stock goes. Most likely, as is generally the case, we'll see some strength as a result of CES, we'll see some strength the few days prior to the earnings announcement, and then the probabilities say it's time to sell before the earnings are released.

      Could that thinking be wrong? Absolutely. Has it been true many more times than not? Anyone who has invested in NVDA over any extended length of time is well aware of it and I'm not saying anything which isn't well known.

      A measely 30 cents will not change any of that so far as I'm concerned.

      If I really want to hold the stock through the earnings announcement this time, I'll look to sell some covered calls against my position.

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