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  • Jan 4, 2013 10:50 PM Flag

    Behold, boys. The Annual CES Golden Goose has Arrived!

    It was looking like somehow it wasn't gonna happen this year.

    But just as ducks fly south for the winter in those cool "V" formations,

    (mind you, never an "E" or "O" or even a flying "I" -- but Always a "V" formation),

    and dark predictably follows day,

    the Annual CES Ramp-up in nvda stock has begun.

    Yes yes yes.

    It's a few days late this year -- and a bit more tepid than usual --

    but the short's Annual Golden Goose has arrived.

    Yes, THE Golden Goose, boys.

    It's embarassing, really.

    How easy it is to make money on the short side of nvda each year.

    Like fine Swiss clockwork.

    Just wait for the CES to arrive -- and hit its full, wild-eyed, vapor chambered,

    over-clocked, fully testulated. smoke emiting, 72-cored, Ninja turtled,

    "Project Revenue Doubling" frenzy.

    With the gamers making those oohing and ahhing sounds.

    Yes boys, oohing and ahhing sounds.

    Over whatever shiny new thing the carnival barkers are waiving the the rarefied air.

    And when the Irrational Exuberance has hit it's Absolute Best and Highest

    fevered pitch -- short nvda like there's no tomorrow.

    Yes boys -- All In on the short side.

    And sit back, smiling profitably.

    While the ducks make their inevitable southward "V" formation.

    "Oh no no no", exclaim the paid nvidia pumper boys each and every year.

    "THIS year will be different."


    Watch and learn, boys and girl.

    Obscene profits will be harvested -- once again -- by the seasonal CES shorters.

    It's just nature's way, actually.

    And unlike in Vegas -- you can bet on Mother Nature.

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