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  • i_read_best i_read_best Jan 28, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

    Wow! MediaTek is UP +3% on news of World's First 5-in-1 Satellite Receiver chip.

    MediaTek Announces World's 1st 5-in-1 Multi-GNSS Receiver SoC Solutions Supporting Beidou Satellite Navigation System

    Press Release: MediaTek Inc. – 9 hours ago

    HSINCHU, Taiwan, Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, today announced the availability of its MT3332/MT3333, the world's first 5-in-1 multi-GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver SoC solutions that support the Beidou Satellite Navigation System. The Beidou system has been commercially operational since the end of 2012, and is currently a constellation of 16 satellites providing positioning, navigation and timing services to the Asia-Pacific region. It can identify a user's location to 10m (33ft), their velocity to within 0.2 meters per second, and clock synchronization signals (one-way) to within 10 nanoseconds. Beidou will be one of the most important satellite navigation systems to eventually cover the entire globe by 2020.

    The MediaTek MT3332/MT3333 can discover GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS constellations.

    Featuring a multi-GNSS receiver design, the MT3332/MT3333 can reduce the cumulative distance and positioning error accumulated over time/multiple hops, and significantly improve navigation/positioning accuracy. The MT3332/MT3333 also come with excellent signal acquisition and tracking sensitivity, which efficiently enhances signal quality within dense cities, tunnels and/or multi-storey car-parks, while delivering a better user experience. Moreover, thanks to its highly integrated, low-cost and ultra-compact system architecture, the MT3332/MT3333 enable multi-GNSS receivers with the same reference board for mobile, industrial and automotive navigation applications.

    "The proliferation of LBS (location-based services) using mobile applications over wireless networks such as 'social check-in' or 'nearby service recommending' is driving demand for greater satellite navigation performance and coverage beyond existing technologies. This will also lead to the rapid adoption of multi-GNSS receiver solutions in smartphones, tablets and automotive vehicles because LBS is now an indispensable way for people to interact/communicate with each other on a daily basis," said SR Tsai, General Manager of the Wireless Connectivity and Networking Business Unit at MediaTek. "We believe the market for Beidou-compatible multi-GNSS receivers in China will accelerate in the coming years. MediaTek will deliver new products that offer high value and are capable of meeting the evolving needs of our customers in the Beidou navigation system market through continuous product innovation. The MT3332/MT3333 are designed to accelerate the realization of satellite navigation services anytime, anywhere, in a seamless fashion."

    The MT3332/MT3333 also incorporate MediaTek's unique "AlwaysLocate™" technology that can identify the state in which the user is (regardless of on-the-go or sleeping) and automatically adjust the satellite signal receiving modes for more accurate and reliable navigation services, and to save the battery power of the navigation system.

    The MediaTek MT3332/MT3333 are currently in mass production stage and already being designed into major satellite navigation systems and mobile communication platforms worldwide.

    About MediaTek Inc.

    MediaTek Inc. is a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions. The company is a market leader and pioneer in cutting-edge SOC system solutions for wireless communications, high-definition TV, optical storage, and DVD and Blu-ray products. Founded in 1997 and listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange under the code "2454", MediaTek is headquartered in Taiwan and has sales or research subsidiaries in Mainland China, Singapore, India, U.S., Japan, South Korea, Denmark, England, Sweden and Dubai.

    Yet another thing Jen doesn't make.

    A cool 5-in-1 satellite receiver chip.

    That can talk with five (5) different satellites, don't u know.

    GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS

    Well actually, Jen doesn't make ANY satellite receiver chips.

    Nada, zip, goose egg.

    Which might explain why nvda is NOT up +3% today.

    Like pioneering chipmaker MediaTek is.

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    • Errrm, perhaps you don't understand the importance of this chip.

      It's not that important.

      The market is well supplied with radio chips that support GPS and other navigation systems. The ones for mobile devices typically also include Bluetooth and WiFi support.

      This chip's major advertised feature is that it supports a new navigation system, BeiDou. BeiDou is inferior to GPS in many ways. It's only advantage, and it's reason for development, is that it provides the Chinese military with a high accuracy signal that is not controlled by foreign powers.

      A few years ago you would completely ignore it. Now it's a good marketing feature for devices sold into China. BeiDou could potentially, a few years from now, become a requirement for devices sold into the Chinese market, but that's a political rather than technical issue.

      • 1 Reply to watergatefive
      • Your grapes, they are quite sour, yes?

        The Market she clearly liked the accouncement today by MediaTek

        Very much she liked

        Plus Three Percent (+3%) worth

        This enabling technology with which to communicate with Five (5) different satellites

        Which nvidia does not have

        As the "market for Beidou satellite compatible receivers in China will accelerate."

        Good lucko selling those non-satellite enabled nvidia devices in China

    • Wow! MediaTek has been kicking nvidia's butt lately.

      Yes boys, kicking butt.

      Last week we learned that MediaTek won the Big One,

      -- Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8 reference platform.

      And nvidia didn't.

      And this week MediaTek came out with that cool World's First

      5-in-1 satellite communication chip.

      While nvidia/icera still dwaddles around trying to talk with cellphone towers.

      Maybe that's why MediaTek's Chairman Ming-Kai Tsai was awarded

      “The Best-Performing CEO in the World” award by Harvard Business Review.

      And Jen wasn't.


      "Not the Best", say the judges from Harvard Business Review.

    • The MediaTek MT3332/MT3333 semiconductor chips,

      -- THE World's First 5-in-1 Multi-Global Navigation Satellite System Receiver SoC --

      is currently in the Mass Production stage and already being designed into major

      satellite navigation systems and mobile communication platforms worldwide."

      Looks like Jen's little car application business gets shot to bits.

      'Cause he's got no satellite communication chips.

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