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  • ashraf.eassa ashraf.eassa Feb 1, 2013 8:35 AM Flag

    Digitimes article is wrong


    Considering that we saw a Vizio Tegra 4 tablet at CES, and further considering that Nvidia's PR materials have stated that T4 already has more design wins than T3, I would think that the Digitimes hit piece was, well, bogus.

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    • Brrring! brrring!

      Brrring! brrring!

      Thank you for calling Kelly Girls... how may I help you?

      Hi, Jensen here.

      Yes, hello mister jensen.

      I hope you're not calling about our last interim -- 'cause your return period has passed.

      Oh no no no.

      I need some telecom salespeople this time.

      You see, I bought this license to make parts for cellphones -- but nobody here

      knows anything about selling cellphone parts.

      I see.

      Did you give that any thought Before you bought that license to make cellphone parts?

      Hummm, Jensen?

      Look, I'm desperate, okay?

      My Consumer Products Division is top heavy with senior management because that's where most of the redundant employees went from the former PC Chipset division. Which was shut down for lack of sales. All good people for sure... but none of them have any experience working with phone manufacturers or telecoms or this and that. None, nada, zilch, goose egg. And since my company is a NO LAYOFF company -- well, I've got a whole bunch of PC parts people with fancy titles, but not much good at selling cellphone parts to cellphone makers.

      So Jensen, are we talking outplacement here?

      Oh no no no. I'll keep all the ex-PC Chipset guys. I just need MORE people that actually

      know about selling parts to phone manufacturers and telecoms.

      And Jensen, let me guess. These new QUALCOMM type folks you want to hire.

      You are expecting them to work for the redundant senior management types from the

      old dead and buried PC Chipset division, right?

      Why, of course.

    • No one can be sure but if you read the article it states 'implies' and doesn't state any quote from the companies being cited for not having products with Tegra 4 chips yet. Also, it stated that ASUS uses Qualcomm for their smartphones . . can anyone tell me the smartphones by ASUS out there now? Anyone? I maybe just too focused on the tablets to know.

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      • 1 Reply to roundhouse_c
      • "No one can be sure but if you read the article it states 'implies' and doesn't state any quote from the companies being cited for not having products with Tegra 4 chips yet."

        Can we be sure that you can't buy a tegra 4 phone or tablet yet?

        Can we be sure that no one has announced an actual ship date for Tegra 4 anything yet?

        When you can post a link with an actual product for sale with Tegra 4 inside
        then we can be sure the article is wrong, right? lmao

        Untl there is a Tegra 4 anything on sale there isn't right? Can we be sure of that?


    • if you were Gateway, Acer etc. etc., would you do another Android tablet?

      don't think it's got anything to do with the processor, just the reality of the tablet market. Either you do a

    • I'm inclined to believe Digitimes.

      They use fewer disclaimers than Jen does.

      "Before we begin, I'd like to remind you that today's call is being webcast live on NVIDIA's Investor Relations website and is also being recorded. A replay of the conference call will be available via telephone until we decide to take it down, and the webcast will be available for replay until our conference call to discuss our financial results for our fourth quarter of fiscal 2013. The content of today's conference call is NVIDIA's property and cannot be reproduced or transcribed without our prior written consent.

      During the course of this call, we may make forward-looking statements based on current expectations. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of significant risks and uncertainties, and our actual results may differ materially.

      For a discussion of factors that could affect our future financial results and business, please refer to the disclosure in today's earnings release, our Form 10-Q for the fiscal quarter, and the reports we may file from time to time on Form 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

      All our statements are made as of TODAY, based on information available to us as of TODAY and, except as required by law, we assume no obligation to update any such statements."

      Digitimes has a Reputation to uphold and protect.

      Jen's words have a protected lifespan of an Egg McMuffin®

    • Deinitely a hit job. Good call

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