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  • joshpritchard Feb 26, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

    Qualcomm relegated to touting 4K video encode?

    Just watched the Engadget interview with QCOM's CMO at MWC... seemed to place a lot of emphasis on S800's ability to do 4K encode. Is this supposed to be their big edge on the Tegra 4 now? Tegra 4 does 4K decode, which we've already seen demonstrated at CES, and now we've seen that Tegra 4 puts up amazing benchmark numbers, so is it encoding 4K (which 90%+ of consumers won't be able to display for at least a couple years) the S800's big claim to fame? That's quite a change in tone from QCOM saying that they've seen Tegra 4 and didn't feel there was anything competitive there.

    Now NVDA just get some freaking design wins that you can announce.

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    • "announcing wins" - No customer is suicidal enough to announce a T4/T4i product right now when they are busy chaperoning their latest creations out the door as we speak - this is the 1st wave of toys for 2013. Realistically Nvidia can only handle two or three high profile wins / ramp ups by June - say Mot X, ZTE & N7.7.
      The volume for the rest will have to catch up by 3rd qtr. So - if you are releasing a new product in the 3rd qtr - it's rather premature to announce it now. On the other hand there may be a lot of hand wrangling behind the scenes to secure early volume commitments.

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      • joshpritchard Feb 26, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

        fair points. when the company got some flack for not announcing wins at CES, they pointed out that CES was more the place where folks announced new platforms, then MWC was where OEMs would launch products on those platforms, so i had some optimism (and still do, I guess) that we'd hear about some more OEMs that plan to develop devices based on T4/T4i this week. Didn't really expect product demos (pretty sure QCOM isn't pleased with ZTE's Grand Memo demo videos) but still some word from OEMs planning to have T4/T4i devices in their 2013 roadmaps. seems that's what the company was suggesting we should expect, too?

    • "NVDA just get some freaking design wins that you can announce."

      NVidia never announces before the customer does...

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