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  • ltenow ltenow Feb 27, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    QC Dissing - #$%$ on Competition as usual

    And Samsung loves their D and P!

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    • A QC SVP of product management, told a Verge editor that Snapdragon 800 would "easily" beat Tegra 4 when it is released - the guy refuted benchmark results without offering any information to back up his act. A very lame defense.

      In the course of the interview, a few interesting tidbits were revealed about the S800:

      --S800 will be sampling in the NEXT quarter, meaning Q2. I had thought that sampling was ongoing now...this could mean that S800 is further down the road than T4, and things are finalized just yet.

      --QC claims 50 design wins in the works -- hey, how can you claim design wins before sampling is done? - yet NONE has been announced. Perhaps this information could offer a lesson or two to those who expressed disappointment that too few product announcements have been made. The telco industry has a much longer timeline for product development in comparison with other tech sectors.


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      • One more thing disclosed by the QC exec: the LTE of S800 is "on the die" but definitely NOT INTEGRATED.

      • It might have something to do with the A15 power problem in phones.


        NVIDIA Tegra 4 Architecture Deep Dive, Plus Tegra 4i, Icera i500 & Phoenix Hands On

        by Anand Lal Shimpi & Brian Klug

        "Samsung recently disclosed details about its Cortex A15 implementation compared to the Cortex A7, a similarly performing but more power efficient alternative to the A9. In its ISSCC paper on the topic Samsung noted that the Cortex A15 offered up to 3x the performance of the Cortex A7, at 4x the area and 6x the power consumption. It’s a tremendous performance advantage for sure, but it comes at a great cost to area and power consumption. The area side isn’t as important as NVIDIA has to eat that cost, but power consumption is a valid concern."

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