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  • kvimax1 kvimax1 Apr 15, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    The Bears are losing their grip.

    Even with the macroeconomic news, today, the Bears are losing their grip on this stock. Unless the market truly tanks by 200-300+ points, I don't see the stock staying under 13 for long, and any bounce overall will likely see the stock UP on the day. IF we go green, I expect to see another run at 13.25 and then much higher over the remainder of the week.

    Nothing really matters until The Final Hour, anyway.

    As always, we'll know in the fullness of time.

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    • The bears look to have tightened their grip again. Drat! Back under $13...

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      • You're not serious, are you? The ONLY reason the stock didn't recover, yesterday, was the attack in Boston. The entire market was trying to rally back when the news hit at 3PM, and so, given it was The Final Hour, and no one knew what had really happened, ALL the bids disappeared.

        We've already been back over 13 multiple times, today, and I think we're likely to close over that level unless the market completely fades lower. That said, as long as INTC's earnings are NOT MUCH worse than expected, I believe both stocks, and maybe a few others, will rally in the after hours and then again, tomorrow.

        As always, we'll know in the fullness of time.

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    • After a 5% rally, last week, THIS is ALL the Bears have???? Pathetic...especially given the market near the lows and off 167. Sure looks to these old eyes like we'll be back over 13 and up on the day, later.

      As always, we'll know in the fullness of time.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Not to mention the fact that MMs/Options bigs always drive down the stock on Monday and Tuesay of options expiry week. Wednesday is a toss-up depending on macro and stock-specific news, and by Friday the trading is usually quiet as the OP players will have unwind their positions already.

        Intel earnings on tap tomorrow. Hopefully all bad news are in; the uncertainly (a big one!) is the succession planning after Otellini's retirement. Three Intel execs are reported to be on the short list (ref. New York Times article today):

        --The guy who oversees operations (fabs, manufacturing etc)
        --The guy who oversees graphics
        --The guy who oversees Intel software development

        None of the three looks like the best person Intel board can find. But then, this process may be dictated by Intel culture that they HAVE to pick someone from within. Otellini's problems partially stem from the fact that he has no engineering background, thus failing to see the upcoming see changes caused by mobiles and cloud computing. Somewhat reminiscent of the Apple situation.

        I think Intel will continue to make big piles of $$$, but the sizes of the piles will also continue to diminish until a new Intel emerges that can keep abreast with the fast-changing tech scene.

        We should be grateful for JH being the visionary leader guiding NVIDIA through the treacherous waters.....I know I am.

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