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  • ltenow ltenow May 27, 2013 4:28 AM Flag

    The great Clover trailed

    Google it

    "Back to Clover Trail, this joke of a chip is bigger yet. Double the core count and massively increase the GPU size, and what do you end up with? Increasing the size of the two largest units on the chip may not double the area, but it won’t be far off that mark. Clover Trail is massive, so big that it is not economically viable in the markets that they are fighting for. That promise from the last financial analyst day of good margins on Atom in the phone/tablet market would go up in smoke if Intel released the die size, and they know it. Intel can’t compete in tablets and phones."

    Every Smart Phone chip Intel had ever came up with was garbage big BIG - so BIG that Quad cores are unimaginable. 25% GM! Sell Sell Sell INTC - Its heading the way of Xerox, Kodak, Rimm. Their BOD must be illiterate! The writing is on the wall - downward acceleration begins after Logan is released.

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    • One thing never changes about you guys and that is your consistent delusional underestimation of Intel's mobile efforts. You would think the way Clover Trail killed Tegra 3 Surface stone dead would have given you a clue.

      More clues ...


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      • took Intel quite a few years to answer the Athlon 64 serial memory bus. But when they did, they buried AMD.

        And there are guys here who calls himself so analyst while he cannot model a product line and is so delusional he thinks Tegra has an advantage in running Android. Zero clue about what's underneath Android.

        I would not be surprised that when Intel is through, ARMs will be the AMDs of the world, relegated to the entry low $ margin segments.

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