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  • whosunw whosunw Dec 27, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    Did intel just win the next Nexus 7?"

    as I said many times before, don't watch now, that 800 lb gorilla is snoring on the living room sofa.

    How annoying......

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    • annoying is your constant pestering of an anonymous message board..... why do you do this ??

      • 1 Reply to fdigiovanni01
      • "why do you do this ??"

        can't you tell? thought you would welcome my posts that reveals ALL information on nvda and the market nvda chases. Information that real investors in nvda would be interested in.

        All to counter the mis-information posted by pumpers with a different agenda who masquerade here as 'investors'/'longs'

        Take for example, ibbey was already setting the stage for a 'short Logan life span' 6 months before nvda even introduced the chip and well before any nvda spokesperson has said anything like that openly. That, that is nothing but mis-information. Now we know the real Logan will never even see the light of day.

        You appreciate me calling a spade a spade right, even though when it is really a -king shovel?

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