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  • annehking55 annehking55 Jan 1, 2014 8:07 AM Flag

    Why I'm selling some of my NVDA and buying AMD

    AMD has so much upside going on for 2014 you would be a fool not to see it.
    What AMD has going for it that it did not have a year ago!
    1. Q3 revenue grew over $300 million returning AMD to a profit.
    2. $1.2 billion in cash.
    3. Secured line of credit of $500 million.
    4. AMD has successfully reduced operating expenses
    5. They are producing profits even when PC chip sales decline.
    6. They are meeting a $400 million wafer supply agreement with Global Foundries.
    7. AMD landed long term contracts with Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo .
    8. Sony reported over 1 million units sold within the 1st 24 hours of release of their PS4 WAY more by now!
    9. Microsoft reported over 1 million units sold of XBOX1 within the first 24 hours, and by now way more.
    10. Both PS4 and XBOX1 are selling out in stores as fast as the stores restock them.
    11. The new AMD R9 series cards are selling out as fast as stores can get them. (This is revenue analyst have not considered or expected.)
    12. The New AMD R9 cards are specifically tweaked for many popular games.
    13. AMD GPU’s are and will be in great demand for a long time with BITCON and LITECON miners.
    14. Nintendo has popular games released for the Wii U and console sales are increasing.
    15. China is now able to buy PS4 and XBOX1 sales and pre orders going through the roof. And another variable that the analyst have not or did not consider!
    16. Mantel will allow the game makers to make games that will cross platforms. This is a Biggy!
    17. Most all of the new games will be using the AMD created MANTLE API.
    18. Gamers will longer need to purchase high end Intel CPUs, to get superior gaming.
    19. Gamers will need AMD graphics to get superior graphics with MANTLE API, will allow AMD to take market share from Intel and Nvidia in the PC gaming area and will have the corner on the market in this.
    20. Gamers will be able to use less costly AMD CPUs, and be able to get great performance from AMD graphics.
    21. MANT

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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