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  • dog_butter dog_butter Sep 15, 1999 6:41 AM Flag

    ndb_fail is the biggest moron on Yahoo

    I swear, ndb_fail is the biggest moron on yahoo
    without a doubt.. you should cross check some of the
    other boards with his name.. all his posts are the

    freedom of speech is a hard thing to

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    • From the AOL Press release, I thought this was a
      statement which will help it increase its gardening
      gourmet foods initiative:

      "For a one-year period
      during the term, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM also will become the
      <b>exclusive third-party</b>
      marketer of gardening
      products across these AOL brands. In addition,
      1-800-FLOWERS.COM will have
      anchor positions in both the gifting
      and gourmet gift categories across these properties
      and will be available
      internationally through

      It says exclusive! So, no competitors. I think
      are missing this point.


    • FLWS could be at $50 tomorrow. Hope so! If FLWS was DEAD we would be seeing lower lows than we are seeing today. The bottom isn't dropping out so far.

    • No one seems interested in this stock, ROSI, or
      Gift. All are dribbling along at their "levels". No
      doubt ROSI is hurting all or at least holding them
      back, FTD will be a player soon, and Martha Stewart
      will enter the floral industry in some form. I think
      it will take the next Holiday cycle with all the
      players in place for Wall Street to really decide on who
      if the biggest winner, until then don't you think,
      even good companies like this one will be held in

    • or the 15's by Friday. Announcements and the
      overall market has alot to do with it. I think it will be
      in the 30's soon. I'm holding and maybe buying some
      more. FLWS has a Great Product and will take off like
      LOOK, TJOB and INTM did. Be patient and you will be

    • like Yesterday, FLWS gets "Wall Steets" attention. The word gets around. Know what I meam?

    • think we'll be above 18 today and 20's by end of
      week- this thing is going to take off soon- no doubt in
      my mind- just my opinion- study the charts- see the
      last time before 9/13 that we touched below 16 then
      the four days that followed- we're in that trend
      again only better-

    • Not disputing the quality and/or potential of the
      company and its management...the only important question
      is "What is the sensible entry point?"...and can
      money be made "trading, long and/or short" in the
      short-term, which then gives more capital to invest when the
      entry point presents itself...this stock is not going
      to go anywhere until we get two things:
      institutional support and volume...both of these items are
      severly lacking...this is a great company with a great
      future/potential for investors...the only question is

      Did you attend USC @ Santa Barbara, by any chance?

    • Marketing and promo for a net company is the only
      way to build awareness. Every dollar spend know will
      bring $3 in 3 years. Try to see the big picture!!
      Compare to Amazon and you will see that we have
      incredible web revenues with very modest web advertising.

      $45 in 1-2 months

    • You know your right. The AOL deal is strictly a
      renewal of an old deal and shouldn't send the stock
      crazy. The deal is also a very very expensive one with
      the last deal in the $30 million range. This is
      probably a similar deal and in the past this cost and
      other marketing costs have resulted in what, $20
      million a year in Internet sales? No wonder no one is too
      excited yet.

    • Thank you get the attention of Wall Street when they identify you as a loser!

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