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  • bigwheel90290 bigwheel90290 Jan 8, 2000 8:01 AM Flag

    Big Wheel Keeps On Turning

    and FLWS is starting to rock. Look out gang this thing is going to $20 in a heartbeat. I can't wait to finally shut Ernie and Corn up for good. They are real losers

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    • emotion. So let me get this straight, its
      Saturday morning at 8 am and you've already had a few
      "bracers" to get the "hair off the dog" and you decide in
      your lonely little life to get on the board and see
      who is getting the attention. So you have another
      one, and log in, and its Ernie and Corn who you so
      want to be like. So you have another tall glass of Gin
      and get up the nerve to throw something out here. So
      you throw up (probably literly at this point) some
      crap about being a big careful however, Corn
      and I are not the "dumbasses" you think we are, we
      actually are very well connected to the industry and can
      find out things that would amaze if you
      have two DUI's and if you continue to drink in the
      morning against the orders of the court...Can you say
      Betty Ford?

      Better stop taking those steriods,
      they make you testicles shrink...but you already know
      that don't you, they are always at "hand".

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