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  • smartmoneeeee smartmoneeeee Dec 12, 2001 3:32 PM Flag

    IMMU junkies,

    Why pay 20 bucks when you can pay only 3 for PPHM on the same pipe dreams.

    Bexxar and Zevalin will be the next big hit. CRXA is probably the best big value play over the next year. IDPH is already over priced.

    NERX, PPHM, IMMU, GNTA, CLPA, SGEN are all years away from approval, its all just fools gold right now. In five years who will be standing? That is the one you have to pick.

    NERX science appears good on the outside but a long way to go to show it (and even longer before the green starts flowing)and cash on hand to get the proof is definitely a concern.

    Thats the million dollar mystery and I am waiting to see how the new management handles it. It will tell the story if NERX has the real goods or not.

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    • pphm has fast track from fda-
      none of those you posted have that going
      plus there are plenty of mets to the brain to go with the glios for pphm to make money

    • Well for one thing PPHM is working on a hot, i.e radiolabled mab - which from my understanding does not have as large of a future as the non-labled type, also IDEC has zevlin ready to go and IMMU has radio-labled y-90 lymphocide testing - so PPHM may be third or 4th in line with a product that will not see as much use as Rixxutan or lymphocide, however if you buy into the pipe-dream theory Id put my cheam mab money on SGEN - they have a whole bevy of Mabs -5-8 years away from showing any green and its about 5 bucks a share.