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  • mygameon mygameon Feb 28, 2002 4:40 PM Flag

    Frog/MEK/NCCancer Riddle or Spin Me


    On March 1, 2001 NERX opened at $6.72. The restart of PIII STR was guaranteed just around the corner and exciting results for PI Pretarget were going to translate into exiciting PII or PIII trials by 4Q01. Oh yeah, a contract agreement with ABC for STR had been announced earlier in the quarter and by mid-March (ca. 3/20/01) the purchase of Denton had been made that was going to bring in so much revenue in the contract manufacturing sector.

    NERX enters March 1, 2002 at or below $4.00. STR is still on hold and the dosimetry protocol has not been approved or conducted. Pretarget has not enrolled additional patients. Denton is a black hole sucking in valuable burn rate cash and a new management team has not changed one single thing about NERXs ability to execute per their PR statements.

    How is all of this good? Why would anyone have hope that dilution is not inevitable? Why is Givens/Oster better than Paul A.? Why hasn't any major pharma company come to the table? Why do you continue to hype this crap??

    BTW, notice all of the peaks and valleys on this dog during this same time period and you'll have your answer why I post on this board and LMAO all the way to the bank every time I flip this stock.

    I am lurking with flounder and will be buying your severely diluted shares very soon.

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