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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 Nov 23, 2001 10:43 AM Flag

    hacker the fact is that education reall

    I don't disagree with you about the grade inflation. The honors courses really are not that special. The honors kids usually have to do an extra project for the honors credit. The problem with the system is really not with kids like mine. The problem is the system is designed to make poor students "FEEL SMART", lazy students "FEEL MOTIVATED" while their accomplishments diminish year after year!

    In fact, the SAT is being eliminated in CA. so minorities can get even a more unfair (larger) portion. The system is really run by a bunch of liberals that do not understand the real world. The problem is not the teachers, but the administrations! The admins really have no clue about truths and fairness, imho.


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    • Crazy, You hit the nail on the head. Admin. is what is fowling the system.
      In our elementary system. Someone thought it would be a good idea to skip around in the text books and pull out parts of different chapters and teach those parts during a certain school period. Then it came testing time. Guess what! The tests were never modified to go along with what was taught, they were based on the full chapter. Of which only a part was taught. 2 guesses as to the outcome of the test results, (and the first two don't count) You guessed it the majority of the kids failed. Now the teachers have to go back and retest, after all we can't have our kids fail.
      End results.
      1. The kids that were doing well, all of a sudden were put into shock with a bad grade, not due to any fault on thier part.
      2. The teachers were looked at like poor teachers that were not teaching the kids.

      What a world we live in!

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      • It was really easy for me to figure out! Actually, I have owned a business for 16 years. I decided to go back to teach and coach at a local school. I have a clear vision and I can see exactly what is happening. I started questioning certain methods and I was told to do what I was told! I have 60 sophs that can't read or write. In fact 55 (of the 60) failed the required Sat9 in CA. I told the admin. "These kids need to work on the basics! I was told, "NO, you teach them how to write essays!" OOOHHHHKAYYYYYYYYY. I have them writing essays (via templates that I designed) but they can't spell!

        I have 15 kids on probation! I have more special ed. kids than I ever imagined! I really love the special ed. kids, but really they can't hang either. I was told to teach English witout books for 11 weeks!

        At anyrate, it is a sad scene!

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