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  • el_latino1976 el_latino1976 Feb 16, 2004 7:31 PM Flag

    I'm buying a few ounces

    of silver rounds and 10 oz silver bars every week. At this rate, I'll corner the above ground supplies in no time. I might not make much money (almost minimum wage) and I might not have much, but I have the knowledge that most everyone is this board has but very few investors and even less "everyday" people have, and that is silver is in a big time deficit and that can only mean that the price will have to go much higher. Silver is about as sure as it gets.

    I was talking to a few of my co-workers and we were talking about real estate, I asked them what if you knew that a house was for sale and it was almost guaranteed to double within the next three years? They all said they would do whatever it takes to buy it, I told them silver should easily double maybe even triple within the next year. They didn't understand that, they know nothing about silver or gold, they only know what everyone else is doing and right now the "in" thing is real estate. The public wont start buying silver I think until it's at least 15 to 20 dollars.

    50 silver is possible within the next few years, imagine what the share price of Pan-American Silver and Silver Standard will be. The last few months I've been selling some of my gold stocks and bought silver companies instead, I like gold, but I like silver even more. Percentage wise it should out perform gold easily.

    El Latino

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    • Way to go, Latino. Keep this up and you won't be reporting to the board on your salary anymore; you'll be reporting that you're retired. And thanks for getting your buds on board. Welcome to the party.

    • You're right el_latino, you have know something the average person doesn't, and that's a real advantage..

      Congratulations for buying a little every week, lots of big accomplishments are created in small steps..

      I myself feel sorry from my familia, I've tried to warn them this might be a good time to sell some of their puffed-up stocks and put a little into gold or much better, silver, but they don't understand or give credence to what I'm saying, though I've tried to explain in detail a few times.. Oh well..

      The future is going to hard for them I'm afraid, and there's nothing I can to prevent it because I just don't seem to have any ability to get thru to them..

      They just don't get it..

      When I look at the growing mess in Iraq, the budget and trade deficits, the high debt levels at the personal, corporate and national levels, there's no way the US dollar and our economy and stock market can keep floating and even rising up like they have been..

      It's all just an artificial high created by about a trillion dollar in stimulus from tax cuts, tax refunds, and many trillions from the low interest rates..

      It can't last forever since the 'recovery' was all artificially put together on a credit card (thru assumption of even more debt)..

      Have you ever seen the 'roadrunner' carton, where Wiley Coyote is chasing roadrunner, but then ends up not being able to stop at the edge of the cliff and goes over the edge by several feet, but then hangs then suspended in the air for about 5 seconds, looks down, then looks at the camera with an expression on his face, like 'oh oh', and then falls like a rock?

      That's what where the US dollar, stock market and economy are at I'm afraid, they are several feet over the edge of the cliff with no place to go but down, but the public hasn't realized it yet, in other words the 'oh oh' point hasn't been reached quite yet.

      But when that point comes, the dollar, stock market and economy are all in for a fall and gold/silver will go parabolic IMO..

      Silver may shoot up even before that point, just from the supply/demand imbalance, and a massive short-covering frenzy on the Comex..

      I'm wondering if the rumor is true, that there are going to be some big deliveries taken on the March contract that could spark off just such an explosion..

      At ary rate, I'm with you, buying both physical silver and silver minings stocks as well..

      Buena suerte to us all!

    • that's exactly what i have found. good post.

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