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  • david_shafer1 david_shafer1 Aug 6, 2004 2:11 PM Flag

    Black Monday

    The street chatter is that if we close at the lows (read: don't at least get a decent bounce in the last 2hrs of trading), Monday could be FUGLY!

    Good luck traders!

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    • Interesting article. Perhaps the funniest aspect of the jobs spin this weekend has been Snow's newest suggestion that we "should see what's going to happen in the SECOND HALF!" a "oh my gosh, the sky is falling" kind of way. But of course he has to say that - this is an election year. Crudele knows that - and that's why it's very easy for him to "predict" the incumbent will paint a rosy picture on just about everything in the coming months.

      But that's not nearly the most interesting part of the read. It's the metrics behind the jobs numbers that are absolutely laughable - and precisely the reason why I took you to task for "knowing" the number would come in so low. I mean, who would - and according to the read you posted - who could? Crudele knows knows the game and that's why he backs off the "evil motive" theme in his article.

      Precisely my point. Thanks.

    • everything you read is BEAR BEAR BEAR BEAR BEAR. Consensus is always wrong. Dow will be up 10% this year, 30% in 2005.

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      • Concensus is very bullish, only contrarian sites and contrarians are bearish, the majority of idiots are still bullish, wrong also about gold stocks going down with the market, most times gold and metals stocks rose while market tanked, early 70's, late 70's, late 20's, early thirties during the depression, they went ballistic, you are all over the place with your views

    • Forget about Monday. August and September are traditionally the two worst months for the market so I'm hardly shocked at the events that have transpired. Similarly, November through January are usually the best months, so we should have much to look forward to.

      While Presidential elections normally also stir the markets to action, this year may be an exception for the simple reason that, IMHO, the incumbent needs terrorism as the main focus of the American people in order to win. However, whenever terrorism has become the focus, the markets have become jittery. So, I would expect that the markets really won't turn around until early November.

      That being said, PAAS' recent action (as well as the price of silver) has been fine and should improve further. Several of the juniors have also begun to stir in recent weeks. I've been continuing to buy selectively.

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      • Ain't you quite the pundit. I have news for you, you must be the smartest and most intuitive person on "the street" because not even the most pessimistic doomsayers imagined an employment number this anemic.

        Trust me, this came as a shock-o-rama to everyone involved. Where I would normally think we would be in for a nice head-fake to bring in the stupid money, I'm thinking we just go in the tank for a bit.

        It's over. Welcome in the pretend hero. Can't wait for the effect Kerry's "wealth redistribution" plan will have on the economy. Go much as I hate to say it.

    • .com...said we broke through the number needed to set up a horrendous crash..

      Sure hope I am ok with 70% cash 30% gold stocks and 40k in gold coins...But who knows...

    • I've heard this from like 4 different places...

      I dont think it'll happen, because its now somewhat expected. We dont need a crash for the market to drop...a persistant downtrend will do the job just as well.

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