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  • beachlivinforme beachlivinforme Aug 6, 2004 8:34 PM Flag

    Black Monday

    Ain't you quite the pundit. I have news for you, you must be the smartest and most intuitive person on "the street" because not even the most pessimistic doomsayers imagined an employment number this anemic.

    Trust me, this came as a shock-o-rama to everyone involved. Where I would normally think we would be in for a nice head-fake to bring in the stupid money, I'm thinking we just go in the tank for a bit.

    It's over. Welcome in the pretend hero. Can't wait for the effect Kerry's "wealth redistribution" plan will have on the economy. Go much as I hate to say it.

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    • Dear Beachlivinforme,

      Surprised? I've got more news for you. Those inflation numbers you've been seeing are cooked also. Shocking, huh? You shock so easily, son. Maybe it's all that salt water in your ears. *grin*

      You know, wiseguy, Bush and Kerry both have wealth redistribution plans..question is which one benefits you. Either way, silver will be rising IMHO.

      You say we now "go in the tank for a bit?" I's very common this time of year.

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      • Gee, thanks, "Mom?" As for the numbers being "cooked," I don't subscribe to the conspiracy BS many of the Gold Bug types like to get all worked up over. But it's fun to seem right some of the time, huh?

        Fact is, the "powers that be" made a guess that came up "oops."

        This kind of "oops" means the folks who think they know something get to scream "I told you so" while the others look for a bottom and the next "tell" that the "bottom has been put in." Until they can then scream, "I told you so!"

        You start thinking you know something, Toto, and you're yellow brick road will stop somewhere shy of the of the guy behind the curtain that tells you the big secret.

        But if getting on Yahoo threads telling people, "I told you so" floats your boat, keep up the proud posts, Wisegal. You'll certainly be "right" some of the time, but more than likely find yourself posturing indignent most of the time.

        So save your "more news" nuggets for the self-deluded "tell me more" crowd who are stupid enough to think they know something - or worse yet, think they know someone who knows something.

        I'll be trading PAAS the way I see it, not the way I "feel it, " "believe it," or "fear it." But that's just me.

    • Bullshit......

      It was no big surprise.....

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