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  • aviantruth aviantruth Dec 22, 2010 3:54 AM Flag

    PAAS is an obscene silver superbubble, COLLAPSE coming


    There is NOT a single speck of logic for this PAAS hype job to trade at its current superbubble level, especially when you understand that PAAS mines a product that is in massive overabundance, namely silver.

    The nation of India by itself is said to hold at least a 20 year aggregate supply of silver, sitting beneath the beds of the Indian public, collecting dust, and there is NO need to mine another ounce of silver for at least another two decades. The many rumors about a silver "shortage" are total BS, likely planted by the cheerleader shills working on behalf of these mostly worthless silver mining companies and even more worthless silver explorers.

    The entire rationale for owning silver is FALSE and PHONY, and there is absolutely NO reason for miners like PAAS to remain in existence any longer.

    People, wake up and shut down these non-essential miners, providing a product that is NOT needed. Hell, young people no longer want either silver or gold jewelry, they prefer platinum, and even my elderly grandma prefers platinum jewelry today to silver or gold jewelry, so the useless silver metal is NOT even desired as jewelry any longer.

    STOP listening to old senile dinosaurs like every typical senile gold fund manager grandpa, who pumps gold and silver mining stocks, especially these ridiculously overhyped silver miners. Even worse than the senior golds are the penny junk junior silvers, most of which are completely WORTHLESS. Repeat. WORTHLESS!!!

    Wake up, people, and DUMP PAAS asap before you wake up one day soon to see it trading below 5.00, on the pink sheets.

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