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  • franklineliot franklineliot Nov 13, 2012 10:35 AM Flag

    silver over $32.00/oz and this pig is barely profitable???

    What the f is going on with this thing. Have costs really gone up that much? I thought the whole idea behind investing in miners was that it was all profit once silver got above a certain price. I thought that price was around 8 bucks a share a few years ago. I can understand if costs have taken that number up to 12 bucks or 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 but c'mon now. Do you mean that if silver were to go to 50 bucks an ounce that their costs would go up accordingly so that they would still just be slightly profitable? Is that the scam here. Do the miners demand much higher wages as the price of silver goes up? Do foreign governments demand higher taxes also? Does everyone want their increasing slice of the profit pie? What the f is gonna happen when silver goes back under 20 bucks an ounce? Will everyone say ok now we will accept lower payments/wages/taxes/etc. Probably not. They will still want paid based on a $50/oz silver price. I think everything is a scam now. I think human nature is to just take and take and take until there is nothing left to take. Whether it is government or business or employees or anything involving humans. Man we really suck. Myself included.

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    • well hopefully now silver has jumped 10% since the start of this quarter, these guys can start turning a healthy profit this quarter at least. They have lmlost 0.5 billion in the bank. I would like to see them diversify a little into more gold. They have the cash to do that.

      Im astonished silver is up 10% and these guys are down 10%.

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