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  • markcsordos markcsordos Apr 3, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Is this time to buy more

    I own a small amount of PAAS and was wondering if anyone would recommend buying more at these prices? I know its out of favor but it seems the fundamentals are there.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • From a technical perspective for a trade, I think it is time to buy at the $14 level. I would not consider any long term strategy at this point. Today is probably up on some short covering. I have a small long term position that is getting hammered, but have made up for it in trading. GLTA!

    • This is the time to buy NONE!!!! Sell what you have, gold/silver will only go down from here. By the end of next week we could see $12 a share.

    • Good God no!! Do not, I repeat do not buy this filthy flea bitten POS turd until it hits maybe 10 bucks. And then only with about 30% of what you are planning on spending on this God forsaken stock. This stock is the biggest under achiever I have ever seen. Don't try and make a case for buying it by studying the fundamentals as it will only bewilder you. I have been trying to make sense of this pig for over 6 years now and all I have is some gray hair. Everything looks great. Paas is kind of like beer goggles. It looks great when you first discover it. Loads of cash. Twenty five million or so ounces of silver production. A hundred thousand plus ounces of gold production. Little to no debt. Not too many outstanding shares (although the minefinders acquisition added fifty million shares for a few million ounces of silver production...another gigantic turd laid by Paas {the other being the 500 million dollar Navidad fiasco but that could still have a not quite so bad ending} ) But every day when you wake up you see that Paas is really not quite what you thought it was the night before. I honestly dont get it. I am pretty sure that political risk is what is holding it back. The whole Argentina deal (nationalization of companies) is a very real risk and should be reflected in the price but I think the market is over penalizing Paas for it. I have made money on every one of my purchases over last 6 years but it is only because I only buy a companies stock once it appears to be massively under valued. And I'm sure I got a little lucky too. Fact is though, I would have made a lot more money if I had just bought silver instead of buying Paas. It is quite fascinating actually. Go ahead and chart Paas for any time period and compare it to silver. Every once in a while Paas may have a better return over 1 month or for some bizarre 3 month period but I think I've only seen it once in last 5 or 6 years. It is truly remarkable. Buy more at 10, then 5 and then a buck. You'll do wel

    • Markcsordos,

      It is your money and so it must be your decision to buy this stock now or wait for better price. Please note that no one knows how market and silver price will behave tomorrow and it makes perfect timing unachievable. Also any recommendation made or received on anonymous message board is free, i.e. has zero worth.

      As of now whole PM sector is on sale, speaking in positive sense, and if you believe that PAAS is one of the best opportunities in the sector, i.e. you’ve compared it by fundamentals with other stocks here and see that it is better… then more power to you.

      Conversely, one may consider bear market commandments for safer investment. Literally speaking, Lord Market taught humans that in difficult times they shall buy blue chip stocks only and shall not pay more than 52-week low price. As of now every day brings 52-weeks low in “blue chips” of this sector. Today it was Eldorado and Alamos, not even mentioning Goldcorp; while Yamana, New Gold and Pan American can follow if bear market in this sector shows longevity; so far it does. All these companies have strong balance sheet and great chances to survive in this environment, just in case bear starts claiming real victims.

      Good luck to your investments.

    • Sentiment is even worse than 2008, which was bad. And the reality of 2013 is WAY worse, with both more money printed, and banks going down. Keep in mind that this is a company that digs money straight out of the ground... So, yes, good time to buy.

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