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  • forbespointperson forbespointperson Sep 14, 2013 3:09 PM Flag

    Silver Going to $100 per ounce!

    From its low-close on June 27 of $18.59 (Comex front-month basis) through its high-close on August 27 of $24.70, silver jumped 32.8% in just 42 trading days.
    Based on all of the fundamental and technical data, if silver put in a definitive bottom in late June and it is poised to resume its long-term bull market trend. I would further opine that it is likely that we'll see silver (and gold) hit a new all-time high in price before we get another big correction like the one the metals just went through.

    The inflation-adjusted all-time high for silver is $140/oz.

    This number is derived by compounding silver's high of $50 in 1980 using the Government-reported CPI rate. Silver should hit $100/oz before the next major price correction. I see both technical and fundamental factors which will drive this type of move in price and those factors are available upon the asking. Just request via reply.

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    • I agree, $50 next year and possibly $100US an ounce for silver in 2015-16. Based simply on M-1 money supply numbers and aggregate base money supply numbers all over the world, gold and silver remain "undervalued" and underpriced historically. The FED's money base including Treasury holdings have grown 300% the last five years, for example, while gold/silver have less than doubled in price. And this explosion in funny money is taking place in Japan, China and Europe, India the Middle East AT THE SAME TIME. The U.S. has yet to even start to come to grips with $200 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities from our turn to socialism the last 30-50 years, and "derivative" contract notational values in the financial world globally are doubling every 5 years the last 20-30 years. Sound, hard asset monies like gold and silver continue to see supply rises of just 2% annually. At some point we will get another big run higher, especially if money printing doubles down again in the next recession. PAAS could be a $50 or $100 stock in 2-3 years.

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