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  • cybercash28 cybercash28 Jan 18, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    Above ma-200

    Keep this up and go pass $95 then we will be veer bullish. Earning is key to go back to $110. Management will deliver!!! They will.

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    • My dear Mytek,
      Eventhought I put you on ignore, I still see your name posted. I know that you need attention. We feel bad for you.

      Stocks change like speed of light. Pulling old posts to make weird comments is unproductive.
      I have a recommendation for you that you will get tons of posts is to day something nice...just saying like..

      Nice..nice nice..
      Way to go..thx ..thx..thx....


      We will all reply to you saying ..thx Mytek, you are wonderful...
      I love people so I post this message for you. I will not be able to see your reply to this message but it is OK with me.

      Try it, I guaranty you you will me loved and you will be flooded with beautiful messages.
      You clearly need help.
      Do NOT fill your life with hatress from people on the Internet. It is life, love people and you will be blessed.
      Want to learn stocks?? If you change I will help you..
      Take care.

    • The reaction after earning was a huge disappointment. So just look at it from here.

      So far higher highs and higher lows in the last few days. EW need a catalyst to bring it above ma-50 . It looks like people begin to add share at this level. It is hard to see the market closed over 14000 and here we are at this level.

      Mr. Mussallem, maybe it is time to talk to J&J for the benefit of the share holders?? It is tough not to think about that now. Thank you for what you do.

94.80-18.88(-16.61%)3:41 PMEDT