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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Jul 26, 2010 3:10 PM Flag

    The Good State of Temporary Hiring

    Even as the tepid recovery in America continues to rack up ever so little in the way of new jobs, temporary hiring has emerged as a persistent, avenue of choice for American employers.

    Even though overall, non-farm employment as barely moved higher (882k jobs have been added since the recession's trough... only about 11% of the total lost) temporary hiring has surged to almost half it's pre-recession highs (379k temp jobs have been added since the recession's trough... just under 50% of the total temp jobs lost during the recession).

    The upshot: Even as Volt's stock remains low in light of it's statement revisions, the news could be surprisingly good once the financials are finally released.


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    • "...the news could be surprisingly good once the financials are finally released."

      Any idea how much longer the wait before financials released? No specific date given - could be another 10 years?

      Is VOL going to the pink sheets because of financial violations? Yahoo board doesn't give earnings estimates anymore.

      • 1 Reply to joetong419
      • ... thru december, I believe.

        Volt won't jeopardize their listing... we'll see the re-statements by then.

        Volt is becomming a good "contrarian" play as I believe investor frustration caused by the lack of transparency due to the pending restatements have priced it very low. I generally look for companies with good prospects that are held lower by temporary negatives. Transocean (the driller who owned deepwater horizon in the BP spill) is another such play... the worst case scenario is reflected in the stock price drop but the company still has a $20 billion drilling backlog, all deepwater rigs, and a P/E ratio under 6.

        There is still no analyst who believes the magnitude of revenue and earnings at Volt is at risk... only the reflection of such in the correct accounting periods.