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  • bidupbid bidupbid Jan 16, 2009 7:05 PM Flag

    Sickening Returns...Ruined.

    I trusted Baron with my family money and am ruined. I just got my statement and cannot believe it. I cannot send my kids to college now and retirement is beyond a dream. I worked so hard for my money and to lose this much is just crushing. How could a group of so-called value managers that buy "businesses" lose their shirt like this?

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    • unfortunately we all lost 40% last whatever fund you invested in. That is part of investing in the stock market...some years down 40 and other years up 30 but on average the returns are better than risk free investments. I have other money in "value funds" that invested in aig, fannie and freddie and other bank stocks that are lost least baron invests in real companies that he understands. I have invested with baron since the 1980's and he has done very well. I am confident this will come back.

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