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  • alexorjona alexorjona Aug 13, 2010 10:03 AM Flag

    Why are enrollments dropping??

    and why is this debt free conservative company buying back so much stock....why is it so darn hard to get into their Ross Medical school.. why do people seek education anyway...why do not the rich states just build more colleges and quit raising tuition so much!

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    • And why are their so many complaints against Devry?
      And why have the huge multi million $$$ class action
      lawsuits been levied against DeVry?


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      • The lawsuit was 10 years ago.

        Jeez - who the heck do you think you'll influence by peddling your crap on this board? Like anybody who can move this stock would actually take your word? Get real!

        And the conference call addressed the enrollment issues. Listen to it; you may actually learn something.

        The company knows they are being targetted by short sellers. That was implicit - not explicitly stated. Why do you think the board authorized another buyback before the old one expired - and why the company is buying back stock so aggressively? They know it's undervalued. A buyback and growing their business is far better use for their money than a dividend.

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