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  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Apr 16, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    hopTo quick app review

    Downloaded app to my iPad; program to my PC (Windows Vista). Installation took a few minutes (long hang) but did not crash either machine.

    For the moment, this program seems to work with a single PC. Both iPad and PC must be "awake" and connected to the internet. With the iPad, I can access document folders and the desktop on the PC. I can also access Dropbox (already on both machines). From the iPad, I can open and read Word, Excel and Pdf files that are on the PC. I CANNOT add numbers or change Excel files; I can edit Word documents and re-save them. I CANNOT access Outlook or any saved email.

    I'm not sure that this is an improvment over Smart Office 2 (iPad app - about $10.00) coupled with a liberal use of the dropbox cloud for documents that need to be accessed from the iPad.

    If I'm missing something, please let me know -

    I have security concerns. hopTo is protected by a password; a Windows password is obviously highly recommended. Still, it is remote access into my desktop so I have left the program on the PC but removed it from start-up using msconfig.

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    • What you are missing is that this is a beta,as the company has stated, not a complete product. I believe that many more features will be incorporated in the final which won't be out for a while yet. It is my belief that Apple's app store do not catalogue betas.The best is yet to come.These guys are not fools. 100 patents and the road is paved with landmines for competitors.Like coke .the recipe in the big vault.