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  • toyotatex toyotatex May 16, 2007 6:21 PM Flag


    Any other explainations for the rapid increase we've seen in volume and price appreciation since April? Did the death of the chairman leave some doors open?

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    • If you want to look at some real bargains with explosive potential look at: WILC and WWAG.OB

      Also been doing nicely with KMGB, ASY and HURC- but the other two are much better value right now.


    • I can see why anyone would hold here. This is a great
      company. My stomache churned when I hit the sell button.

    • Sounds reasonable to me. It's really shocking performance in the underlying business - I keep recalculating the ROA and inventory turnover to make sure I'm not making any math errors. My only concern is that gross margins tend to compress as companies build scale and chase more competitive revenue streams. So at some point the bottom line growth has to slow up a bit - I'm just not sure where that inflection point is liable to hit. And when that happens, they'll be a great buyout target, so I'm not sure I can really bring myself to sell.

    • What would you think of a forward PE of 25? From a purely technical point of view, I have to think that one should continue to hold for a little while longer.... After all we have never seen prices this high. If some MO-MO investors figure out that they could have made 20% on this stock since last Friday morning, we could easily surpass $53. I can not help but recall what was said at the last conference call: April continued like the previous three months, with sales of $41M and EPS of $0.52-$0.54 for this quarter; "Last month, we introduced several new electro-hydraulic products at the Hannover Fair in Germany, which were well received"; "we believe that Sun continues to gain market share as we outgrow the industry." Those are strong words from a basically conservative company. The way I see things,EPS for 2007 should be beyond $2.10.

    • Yeah, I don't know what the heck is going on here. I wouldn't recommend anybody to buy it at this level, but I'm going to hold it for a while. 26x isn't that unreasonable a P/E given the balance sheet strength and earnings growth, but I might sell at least part of it if it keeps going.

    • BTW, I got nervous today and went ahead and sold
      SNHY. The multiples just got too great, even
      if we assume continued growth. I think I'll have
      the opportunity to get back into this later, is
      all I'm saying, and there are other fish to fry.
      I would not fault anyone for holding here at
      $42.95, but I think it got a little ahead of
      itself. Good luck all.

    • Of the stocks mentioned, yes, add me to the list on
      HURC and DOW. Another I've made some money on not
      mentioned is GNK, which I still think is a decent
      buy, particularly if you like that dividend, which
      I believe will hold up. DOW is not helping me
      much, but I can see where you find the value.

    • Definitely a good topic. This is an oddly productive board, too - no obnoxious bashing-and-pumping going on.

      HURC is hurting today - it was priced for perfection and missed estimates, but had a great quarter and paid off its remaining debt. Definitely a good time to buy, I think.

    • I work in a business very similar to ACAS - I think they're going to have some problems. Keep in mind that we're overdue for a downturn in the credit cycle.

    • I hold ACAS, as a business development company, it is like a mutual fund of small private companies.

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