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  • jmoneyalias jmoneyalias Sep 25, 2011 12:00 AM Flag

    TQNT Fundamentals

    So, I just found TQNT on a stock screen, based upon cash to debt ratio, insider holdings, 52 week price point, etc...

    That being said, for those who have been on the board for a while - what has been the downward catalyst as of late? It looks pretty solid, based on what I can see from their income and balance sheet, business model, etc... Was there an event that I'm not readily seeing?



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    • I think TQNT fundamentals are strong. The most reason for recent warning came from delayed iPhone 5. I strongly believe this fact since OVTI that provides camera chip for iPhone lowered it's outlook significantly because of same reason. OVTI also indicated that its sale will pick up at the end of October, same statement by TQNT that will have strong Q4.

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      • Calculations of the tangible book value for tqnt range in
        the $5 area. Including intangibles, I see that the
        vectorvest system lists tqnt as having a fair value of 8.23,
        this is reduced as they had it at 9.19 last time I checked
        ten days ago. For reference they list rfmd fair value as
        2.40, but they give rfmd points for better technical
        indicators. Anyways tqnt does seem to be oversold on both a
        technical and fundamental basis. It makes sense that it
        tried to form a bottom at $6, but the selling pressure at
        the time overwhelmed it.

        Looking at the chart it seems obvious that many people and
        at least one institution knew about the 3rd quarter slowdown
        before the company announcement and they were selling on
        that perspective. As they say, fundamental changes always
        show up on the chart before it comes out in the news.

        Once the two weeks of overall selling was underway, a rally
        to the downside, the trading by software and momentum
        followers must have made it worse than it should have been
        despite the bad days on the market. Can I ask what stock
        scan you were using?, it brought this to your attention at
        the perfect timing, I think.