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  • blubbervideos blubbervideos Feb 18, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    @mpatron.71 Instead of posting all these new TQNT products.........

    Could you post the reasoning this failure of a CEO Quinsey can't make a consistent growing profit with such a great product line?

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    • new products just coming now failed us last 18 months , I know ..
      now it's the time to buy ...too late for me ...lost A LOT of money ...

      • 2 Replies to mpat.ron71
      • Nobody has really made any money investing in TQNT the last 10 years, which is amazing .The company is the most highly respected in the industry they have also had a pristine balance sheet. Their really has been no changes in management since Sharp turned the company over to Quincy. I am amazed that the board was not motivated to do something , I understand that this company has the most respected research and engineering team in the industry , but as a public company increasing shareholder value is a basic function . How Triquint could fail in this area should have been unacceptable when for 10 years the demand for it's products have only skyrocketed . . Investors have been frustrated huge demand leading technology and no return on investment it just does not add up.

      • You say you "lost A LOT of money" That means that you ALREADY sold you shares of TQNT at a loss otherwise if you still held the shares you would not have lost anything yet because you would only have a "paper" loss.If you did sell your shares already why are you still posting about all these new products on the TQNT message board?