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  • treasurestriker treasurestriker Oct 20, 2007 3:27 PM Flag

    WHy can't Moller Test the skycar outside FAA jurisdicition?

    Why can't Moller take the skycar offshore and take off from a ship with a Helicopter pad to get video footage of actual flight and more detailed flight data demonstrating the abilities the skycar now possesses instead of only footage of teathered flight? If the skycar can do what he says it can, then LETS SEE? Wouldn't that proof establish great credibility and financial support would readily follow... Just a thought? Any ideas?

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    • Yes, and wouldn't it be great if it could scoop water too. We desparately need super fire fighting abilities!

    • I believe it's because the teathered flight is due to insurance requirements and has nothing to do with FAA regulations. They cant get it insured unless it is teathered for these flight tests.

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      • THen why don't the fly it from a remote control... Then the only thing needing insurance is the SKYCAR for damage... Then could talk off from a floating unmanned platform at sea far from any other people or property or even out in the desert.. And at least get footage trom a few hundred feed high and a few miles distance of travel.. It shouldn't be too difficult to equip skycar with remote capabilities.. Any thoughts? Or is the skycar really not yet capable of delivering the flaunted capabilities yet.. Maybe more improvement and technological avancements need first be made and implemented.. And thus far the skycar is just a prototype of a dream not yet realized or even capable...

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