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  • willywankel willywankel Nov 12, 2012 10:27 AM Flag

    Imagine the wonders, my frineds!


    Yes, imagine the wonders Moe will undoubtedly bring forth this year at the annual reading of lies, excuses, and new promises yet to be broken. His lies have never been more bombastic, and he has set a new record this year for complete lack of any progress at all. Look forward to the familiar this year as well, as you see the same old non functional movie props, and incomplete fragments of vehicles that will never be completed, much less fly. Finally don't miss the display of rotary engine short blocks and other inert pieces of junk. Moe may even fly the small robotic flier indoors, just to try and imppress - the one technology he managed to make work (actually his people did, not him) and decided not to presue commercially. After all, UAV's will never be a market of any size, the flyin' car is where it's at...
    Happy meeting!

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