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  • kaoeth kaoeth Nov 13, 2012 3:29 PM Flag


    Redbackstill predicted 2011 would see long-awaited successes Moller had been diligently working for. Others predicted the demise and/or non-successes of Moller, perhaps not directly, but by expressions of unsolicited unabated maniacal criticism with pretentious (opinion) statements about protecting future investors. Great. Now that we have been warned, please go to another board to vent. Let us lose our money in peace. And if we do lose our money, then we all can say here and now -- you will not have to wait -- congratulations, you sure told us so. We acknowledge immediately your predictive and business investing skills. We were "idiots", to put it in a word of one wise person recently on this board. You were right. What more acknowledgement could you ask for? I repeat. Leave the board and let us lose our money in peace.

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    • No 1. Who are you, you are not even a frequent poster on this board?
      No 2. We call "redbactill2004" JEFF.
      No 3. He not only predicted that 2011 would be a successfull year for Moller, but also 2010 and 2009. as well as an unusually long string of predictions that has never come to pass.
      No 4. We will not leave this board just because you said so.
      No 5. Remember to join the Moller investors group called STUPID (Skycar Tethered Until Poor Investors Die). It sounds like you can at least make vice president of the group...

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