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  • tkensmoe tkensmoe Nov 19, 2012 1:42 PM Flag


    Lot of trading going on...whats up

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    • There's no trading going on. Its 99,000 shares sold. (My guess would be probably all by the same person). What I would like to know is how they are selling for the asking price. Just my ignorance, if someone can provide an intelligent response, i'd appreciate it. Please no responses from the regular group of bashers (barnum, flour, wankel, etc) cause I block all of you and won't see.

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      • With the VERY low average shares per day it doesn't take a huge buy to have a short term impact on the share price. Remember that was only $10,000 to buy the complete day of shares traded. I suspect someone hoping to get a short term rally in share price before the meeting. The news from last years meeting was the same as other years. They told us they had great news but nothing came of it. I previously had over 350,000 shares thinking they could make something of themselves. They didn't. They "hired" a PR person who did nothing despite telling us he was going to help make the plans for the test flight that got postponed because they couldn't handle the requests to watch it (uh huh and I have a bridge to sell you). Interesting that the flight then never happened. More labor expenses for a PR person and NOTHING to show for it. Even if they announce big news this year don't get caught up in hype. It will most likely end up costing you money. Look at the recent financials particularly the accrued debt. Most of that debt is most likely owed to Paul Moller himself. Even if Moller International was to finally get something going it will take a long time for the sales to flow down to benefit stockholders. If you have money to lose and you enjoy a VERY long shot I would still think twice now.
        Good Luck.

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      • If it is at the asking price then it is a buyer!!! Not a seller!!! simple.....there must have been good news at meeting word from Bruce yet.


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      • bad, but I see what your saying, Im a rookie at this stuff.

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