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  • deanharmse deanharmse Dec 3, 2012 4:41 AM Flag

    Help me understand. Please...

    On 17 December 2012 Moller/Freedom Motors announced that a Freedom Motors offering is to be expected "before year-end".

    Two weeks has since passed and in true Moller style the veil of silence has fell. Year end is 4 weeks away and this is the goings on in the Moller world accessable by the public.

    -Moller International website: Last news was on 6 November and was about the screw up with the e-mails. The news before that was the announcement of the shareholder meeting and the documents of the actual meeting itself was nicely hidden away on the website and I wouldn't have found it had I not been pointed in the right direction by someone.

    -Freedom Motors Website: Last updated 31 August 2010. Twenty ten!?

    -Rotapower Website: Last updated 31 August 2010 as well.

    - Moller international Official Facebook page: updated until 4 months ago with "fun events at king island". Relevant update was 11 months ago with a link to an article.

    - Ecorotary Facebook page: Updated 7 months ago.

    I have made a similar post a while ago, but I'm still struggling to get my head around the way they are going about their business.

    Surely a company gearing up for a public offering should start vamping up their image? Do they not want to attract "new" investors? Or are they merely hoping that the current 640 FM investors are going to plough some more cash into this? If I had known nothing of these companies and were looking to make an investment, heard about the offering and started investigating the possibilty, I would sure see red flags go up all around me if I saw the inactivity on their electronic "shop fronts". I see no effort being made here. None at all.

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