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  • misc10008 Nov 18, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

    Any proof of the $500K donation???

    Jeff posted that at the Shareholders' meeting, MI announced that someone is making a $500K donation. However, I have yet to see it on Indiegogo, MI's website, Twitter, or elsewhere. Not to mention, I would expect something like that to cause a spike in the stock price - which also has not happened. Not to question Jeff's veracity, but does anyone (including Jeff) have any proof of this alleged whopping donation?

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    • Misc 10008: Sorry I don't know your name. I believe that MI hasn't received the money yet. They are probably waiting for the donation and then theey can make a Globe Newswire Official wire


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      • misc10008 Dec 16, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

        The problem with the "they are probably waiting for the donation" theory is that MI's minutes from the shareholder meeting explicitly state, "Investment group, Skyport, LLC ... HAS PROVIDED over $500,000 in funds" (emphasis added). It is unfathomable that such a momentous influx of "funds" (half of MI's Indiegogo campaign goal) would be entirely unaccompanied by any official, public announcement whatsoever.
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      • Dear Gregg,
        I find it very difficult to image anyone would make a half million dollar "donation" to a company without expecting some equity in return. I expect Moller is in for a long wait. It will never happen. This is just another Moller PR "pump" before the "dump." There is an endless list of Moller promises that never happened. Please ask willywankel for a complete list. You are very naive.

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    • you can follow moller on twitter...........Bruce and I spoke of this this morning...he will post it soon on the news wire! .............follow along on twitter! Also he said he would post the notes from the meeting soon.


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