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  • ggchristman ggchristman Apr 8, 2014 2:20 PM Flag

    Is Moller International on the way to becoming Thorntail Aircraft Co?

    Jeff: You probably already know what is going on and can't divulge anything at this time?


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    • Gregg,

      Thorntail aircraft is something 'they' came up with to get sponsors. I firmly believe they aren't attempting the sponsorship search under the 'moller' name because of moller's very poor reputation. Thorntail and the new poster boys are just a front to seperate the Skycar from the moller name. They don't really mention Moller on the Thorntail website and the leave the "M" out some times when referring to the M400x. The failure of the Indiegogo campaign is evidence that people associate the name Moller with failure.

      The only hope in Thorntail being a success is if the guys on the flight test team are really in control. If they are just puppets and moller is pulling the strings, then this new 'scheme' is doomed to fail. Moller has demonstrated very poor business leadership in the past and it's best someone else gives it a go.

      As for Jeff knowing anything but can't divulge I can guarantee you that Jeff knows nothing that we don't. Please understand that if a company releases information to only a select few shareholders that they are breaking the law. Jeff has actually demonstrated time and time again that he in fact knows very little.

      To sum up on Thorntail. They exist for now to bring sponsors aboard for development up to and the completion of test and demo flights. After that we will see what happens, but it is no use getting ahead of ourselves. If they don't get sponsors they can't move forward.

    • My utterly uninformed opinion is that the Thorntail Aircraft T-6 design (specifications are available on the Thorntail page on LinkedIn) is a rebrand for the military version of the M600 that Moller was offering a couple of years ago. (Look on the Moller International site under the Skycar tab and select Military).

      The specifications of the T-6 aren't identical to the M600 on Moller's page, but they're pretty close. It certainly sounds like a Moller craft to me.

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