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  • slickwilly07 slickwilly07 Oct 30, 2011 10:45 PM Flag

    Could be a bloodbath for AUMN tomorrow

    Considering AUMN has been flat to down during a record market run, and huge gains in gold and silver, now that everything is consolidating, AUMN could get pounded this week. This is to fingers crossed we hold the $6 level.

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    • ignored.

      Most idiotic post I've seen in a long time.

      Paid basher, or a chickenhead.

      Aumn, is coming with news in November and is as far as I can see the cheapest silver stock with the most aggressive portfolio of high grade deposits.

    • How much do you get paid to post? You're a clever basher - wolf in sheep's clothing. Much better than the idiot bashers on other boards, because you lull people into thinking you are long and objective. A lot of people are clever: politicians, Ponzi scheme artists, sociopaths, etc. But being clever doesn't mean you aren't a lowlife bottom feeding parasite.

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      • "But being clever doesn't mean you aren't a lowlife bottom feeding parasite."

        pmguru, why do you think this about me? I feel that I have put forth my honest opinion, and have attempted to put forth the facts regarding AUMN. I was also straight forward in saying I am long, not short, and that the negativity in my posts were merely a reflection of my frustration. I have not attempted to spread lies and have not been disrespectful. So why are people putting me on ignore? I enjoy reading your are clearly a very intelligent, savvy investor and I respect your thoughts. I in no way meant to offend you, but just view these boards as a way to address ones views/thoughts/opinions.

        Good luck my friend

      • "How much do you get paid to post?"

        I do believe if I told you I would garner a fair amount of sympathy...its not a lucrative way to spend your time. But really....who does that?

        I will agree, AUMN is one of the most easily manipulated stocks I have seen in awhile. But whith that said, nothing can stop this stock if management performs. Alot of the weakness in this is simply due to a lack of confidence in management, and with good reason. Who issues 4mm in shares at the 52 week low after it has fallen like a rock?

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