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  • armatima armatima Dec 15, 2011 4:12 PM Flag


    AUMN bought ECU silver for 300 million. AUMN prior to the merger worthed more than 300 million alone and 300 million purchase of ECU silver at a discounted price should put the company net worth around 600 million.

    combined companies value now at 195 m?

    It looks cheap to me by any standards. IMO

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    • please, play it again Sam // :O)

    • thanks for taking my suggestion Mr. Rogers ---> have a great week-end and a Merry CHRISTmas /// :O)

    • Wow RJ, I guess I hit the nail right on head. Respect and compassion does not make someone touchy-feely,not that it is a bad thing, it just makes them a decent person. I would rather be touchy-feely then mean, bitter and rude. I will take your advise and put you on ignore. Enjoy your negative, bitter world. Again, so sad!

    • remember mr. "bleeding heart wakeryaker", this is a stock forum where the right of free speech is allowed to be exercised by all comers --- FYI, pm guru has been spouting to all who visit this MB the virtues of AUMN while the stock has plummeted from $20 bucks to $5/change. There are more than a few "little people" out there who have suffered more than bruised egos from the pontifications of guru and other pumpers of his ilk. The guru has allegedly made 7 figures in 2011. I should boo-hoo for the guru-magoo from tinseltown ??? $100 SILVER is pure nonsense as is $150 AUMN. I HAVE NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH TO OFFER (DERIVED FROM BITTER EXPERIENCE) WHEN I POST MY OBSERVATIONS/PERCEPTIONS ON THIS OR ANY OTHER STOCK MB. Since I offer the truth to all who read my posts, I have no regrets about anything of fact that I post. I sleep very well at night. This MB ain't for the naive, unwary or touchy-feely. Wakeyyaker, if ya can't stand the heat in the kitchen or can't divine the truth from ignorance and nonsense, maybe ya ought to just put me on "ignore" --- but pleeeeze, save your sermons and lectures for someone else, pleeeze /// oh, btw, good luck to you and yours and I hope you do well ---> I know the guru is doing peachy keen with his 7 figures ---> Merry CHRISTmas !!!! HO-HO-HO !!!, MB Leper /// :O)

    • Is is so sad that individuals like RJ have such mean hearts that they get pleasure from other peoples misfortune. It is the time of year to care about people, not a time to laugh in their faces and make fun of them in hard times. You must be one very miserable person to act the way you do. Just remember karma always catches up with you. Go ahead and continue to make fun of people, it says nothing about them, but a lot about you.

      Good luck to the rest of you. I hope things turn around and everyone does well.

    • word has it that "chit" is pretty cheap too ----> don't mean you want to own none

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      • "Chit" - that is what govt paper is rjscrewscousin.

        Who needs calls on silver when you can buy AUMN this cheap?!?

        Wait until silver goes to $100+. Every producing silver miner across the world will be worth $10-20 an oz across the board... I think after the next 43-101s for Velardenas and El Quevar there will be well over 500M oz Ag-eq.

        $5-10B market cap is AUMNs future. That's $130-250 a share.

        THIS IS A BULL MARKET CORRECTION FOR PRECIOUS METALS - NOTHING MORE!!! JUST A LITTLE SLIP DOWN THE WALL OF WORRY! Deflation will NEVER happen in a fiat currency system. The RISK is hyperinflation. The banksters are like Little Red Riding Hoods, when the porridge gets too cold, they will heat it up. Hopefully they don't make it too hot and it turns out just right.

        Laugh it up now while it lasts, slickwilly and Billy Ray Cyrus, and screwcousin. The PM STEAMROLLER will crush paperbugs for several more years just like it has the last.

        I hope AUMN shorts have good sense to cover and take their profit. Your wife might not love you enough to stay with you BROKE. And forget about schooling your kids. They will receive a garbage K-12 public indoctrination, nothing more.

        AUMN $10 in 60 days. $15 after the PEA on 2000tpd expansion is digested. New highs $30+ when silver breaks out $50,60,70,80.

        AUMN, going from zero to hero from this month forward, you heard it here first.

      • Go ahead, do business with them, be my guest:

    • It's one of the cheapest stocks I've ever seen. Problem is management. They are not trusted, for good reason; they did this to themselves. I will not buy this stock again no matter what it sells for.

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      • One thing I not a fan of is the salaries of the management team. The CEO gets nearly 1.2 million and the other four officer make another 1.5 million combined. For a junior miner that needs preserve cash since they generate zero revenue that is a lot. If they got less salary and more options they might work faster to get into production.

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