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  • vpstabio vpstabio Aug 17, 2004 11:17 AM Flag

    word is

    I have always been curious about where the word is comes from. Are you the word is and where did you get your info. Sounds like more of a rumor than a fact.

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    • I am not the one who you have to get to believe how smart you are. It is that other know it all. Anyway - what if anything is going on with this glorious stock of TMG? Who is the lucky company we all wonder. If the stock performance is any indication, must be someone as good at trading and what not as the TMG folks. So how could they break it up? Trading to someone (good luck if they do)terminals divided? Denver - bye bye. Atlanta, toss the coin heads you win tails you loose? And what of this Cheese Oye fellow who is mentioned in previous post I gather he runs the trading group (and tmg into the ground)?? What does he do for them - really?? Not mean to sound negative, but, as this is a company in transition, those who invest should know what is in the works, and those who work there I am sure would like the few people who are driving this to p!$$ or get off the pot and don't leave the seat up!! I am hoping for the little guys sake - a GOOD company gets them - and when the dust settles those who survive are better off. That in the long run will make for a productive and money making company.

    • Why don't you drop by some of the board where I post frequently, like the MWE and MWP boards and go back about a year and see some of the analysis I've posted...maybe you'll see I know more than most my age. As far as TMG being sold piecemeal, we'll see if any of the MLP's actually want to expose themselves to commodity price fluctuations, or if they are more interested in the fee-based side(i.e. pipeline deliveries w/o taking title to the products being shipped). I notice KMI/KMP just got new lines of credit....perhaps the dry powder to bid on Transmontaigne, or perhaps they will make a last minute bid on CrossCountry, after all, Kinder knows CrossCountry like the back of his hand.

    • so what do you think caused the momentary spike in the stock this morning - someones nitro pill kick in?

    • The word is EVERYTHING is a rumor till something happens. People know people who hear something from someone. Just listing what was told to me. The fact is that there are parts of this company suitors may or may not want. Can you say chop shop??