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  • forlinilv forlinilv Nov 25, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    I Can't believe

    Jim Rogers is going to be indicted and probably have a warrant out for is arrest.

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    • No one is going to jail since Jimbo and mgt will be playing dumb, claiming to have been hoodwinked by the Chinese. However they will be paying the piper in the form of payouts from the deluge of lawsuits to follow.....

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      • kneshevich Nov 25, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

        There are two very real possibilities in my mind. First FAB execs tried to hide these bonds by relegating them to a subsidiary. It became public and they realized the best way to strategically deal with the situation is to initiate the halt on trading so they could have time to negotiate with SEC, pleading that they didn't think it was their obligation to report it, or they simply actually thought that technically this wasn't a direct obligation of FAB. Either way, it seems this delay gives them a chance to clean up the mess since it's been days and this hasn't been labelled a SEC violation yet. The halt also allows FAB to stop the downward trend in their stock and trap the shorts in a very big position. Yes, the shorts are locked right now. If FAB comes out with news stating that everything has been resolved wrt the loan/bond, this is going to turn into a very big short squeeze, especially if FAB decides to also announce defamation suits against A Little and Seeking Alpha wrt false claims about piracy. (This whole piracy thing whether they were doing it or not can imo be covered up very easily which then can allow FAB to sue.)

        In fact the timing of the halt must have trapped a huge number of shorts as they had all been piling in for the "kill". FAB just needs to present a very solid defence, they don't need to hurry because they know they have the shorts trapped and they know they need to come out swinging hard or investors won't believe them.