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  • qdog91111 qdog91111 Jan 1, 2014 4:59 PM Flag

    ibcb321....I burnt your #$%$

    and you cant handle the truth.....I think your one of those guys that go around thinking your always right but it tuns out I "Qdog" burnt your #$%$

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    • "the 3,945 that was mentioned 2 yrs ago was a total kiosk for the company"

      I proved you were wrong with page 35 of their 6/1/2012 proxy filing. The only thing "burnt"(sic) is your brokerage account balance. You sure keep score funny when determining who is right or wrong.

      I support what I say with the source documents. You just keep making up things and ramble off to the next nonsensical premise when you get punked. Interesting diversion while watching some bowl games, but the matter won't be settled on this board. They have lost all credibility. They're going down and you and I have no part in that reality. It is what it is and while there are always a few delusional people who are in denial their money is gone... the majority will verify what is relevant and this is headed lower.