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  • running2fall running2fall Mar 21, 2014 12:53 PM Flag

    Bid and ask keep creeping up...

    Even though its halted...some one somewhere is getting ready..

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    • The Bid and Ask are not creeping up. Your Alzheimer's is creeping up on you.

      There can't be any official Bid and Ask until the time specified when the halt changes to a T3:

      "Two times will be displayed: (1) the time when market participants can enter quotations, followed by (2) the time the security will be released for trading. All trade halt and resumption times will be posted in HH:MM:SS format."

      You currently have no valid quotations.

    • The short interest jumped from 200K to 3M on the belief FAB is a scam and would eventually go dark and be delisted (what scam companies do). That belief all stemmed from the bond, in that the only money FAB had came from the proceeds of the bond. The Canes Scam played into that with various bogus articles (and a few idiots even fell for it), but it was the bond that the convinced the large short players to jump on FAB.
      After the halt the news that the cash was all accounted for along with the bond proceeds was frightening to the 3M shorts. If FAB was legit they just shorted a company with a lot of cash and very low P/E (not smart)....meaning they'll be 3M shares looking to cover (shorting interest was 200K when FAB was trading for around 3 bucks a shares for a year).
      The bottom line is FAB will over correct on the top side just like it has done on bottom side when it begins trading. Where and how high will depend on the news between then and now.

      Sentiment: Hold