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  • truthwantsout truthwantsout Apr 17, 2014 8:10 PM Flag

    FAB Current Good News - Copied/Pasted from FAB Sina Blog

    FAB new Lufthansa Wangfujing store grand opening soon (2014-04-16 17:21:56)

    FAB FAB Wangfujing new Lufthansa shop is brilliant and one video chain launched in 2014, the store is located in Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, East Second Ring Road, with a total construction area of about 2,000 square meters, Wangfujing Street in Beijing's most famous commercial district First, the famous Wangfujing Street business district has a long history of hundreds of years, in Beijing enjoys the reputation of King Street, traffic of about 60 million / day, holidays, more than 120 million people. It is located in the center of the north side of East Chang'an Avenue, has a long history. Many shops, business is booming. The business district shops to numerous major brand stores, a variety of dining, entertainment and leisure venues everywhere, has always been the first choice for shoppers, and the new Lufthansa FAB Wangfujing store is in the heart of the business district.

    It is understood, FAB new Lufthansa Wangfujing store will break the traditional single sales record retailing concept, the integration of digital, animation, content downloads, games, books, leisure, catering, viewing, and other diversified business conditions. By then, the store will be divided into the performing arts district, an interactive play area, audio visual area, the content download area, animation area, book area, bar area, Western West Point area will experience a wonderful private shadow areas.

    The new stores will integrate all the advantages of FAB resources, sales driven passenger entertainment, fashion popular formats attract tourists to the surrounding cultural products to drive traffic to the next floor electrical network product line experience online price effect enhanced customer experience, leading Consumers interactive entertainment-style experience, thereby creating a first-class electricity providers under line experience, online sales and cultural entertainment channels.

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    • Pretty wild moves so far..

    • FAB wonderful group signing ceremony in Tianjin (2014-04-16 17:27:06)

      March 27 morning, a wonderful group leaders went to Tianjin Wuqing participated in the government's "Wuqing District Investment Environment Roundtable and Cooperation project signing ceremony."
      In early March, a wonderful group set up branch offices in Tianjin Wuqing District, the branch will vigorously develop intelligent terminal 5C put to work in research and development, sales and distribution in the Greater Beijing region. Wuqing District, located between Beijing and Tianjin, known as the Beijing-Tianjin corridor known, unique geographical advantages, "the association's investment environment Wuqing project signing ceremony and Cooperation" aims to strengthen the docking Wuqing and investment relations between enterprises, government support and services to enhance awareness of the enterprise. Vice Mayor chaired the meeting尤天成, participants including Wuqing District Party Secretary Zhang Yong, head to Norfolk and all district leaders and dozens of companies.

      FAB wonderful group is one of the important guests and participants speak on behalf of the enterprise, after the meeting with the leadership of the Beijing-Tianjin Science and Technology Valley Park signed a formal agreement to settle.