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  • stirnthepot stirnthepot May 9, 2014 8:01 PM Flag


    Shortly after trading resumes #$%$ WILL CLIMB ABOVE $11. This whole thing was started by shorter Jon Carnes So he could cause panic and all of you went for it.
    by the way I here that Carnes and BUBA are engaged wedding in cell block c

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    • We really don't have any other option other than waiting.

    • I am stuck with 2K shares. But I think you are dreaming if it will ever resume trading. It is a fake company and Spencer is a thief who dumped share at $9.66. If it will ever resume trading another article from Carnes will halt trading for another year. I am not giving strong sell sentiment because there is no way to sell it. The best Spenser can do is to forget about #$%$ start another company with ticker #$%$ then rinse and repeat what he is good at doing.

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      • "But I think you are dreaming if it will ever resume trading."

        It will resume trading, now which exchange,when and for how much is another matter.

        My thinking is FAB is pushing hard to stay listed on the NYSE and Loeb is guiding them through the process.

        Loeb should release their report by the middle of June, which coincidently is around the time of the oral hearing before the NYSE.

        I've waited 5 months for some real news, I can wait another few weeks.

    • =This whole thing was started by shorter Jon Carnes

      So by your logic... Walter Cronkite killed Kennedy because he REPORTED it. The delusional here seem to be lacking in the ability to comprehend who COMMITTED the transgressions and who just REPORTED them.

      I still have to laugh at you and Joe trying to associate this with Carnes when his report didn't even drop the price much. It was when Geoinvesting revealed the bond offering that the price tanked. At least give credit where credit is due.

      =Shortly after trading resumes #$%$ WILL CLIMB ABOVE $11.

      LOL... I'll watch for flying pigs, also. We didn't even have confirmation of the bond offering when it was halted. FAB was still denying it when the halt occurred so that isn't even priced in yet. It's going to be a lot closer to $1.50 than $11 when it opens. You don't steal shareholder's money and hold it hostage for 6 months and then not see mass selling when it re-opens.

      In my opinion... these inexcusable acts by Spencer, Busshaus and the BOD are worth a new round of lawsuits with a new class period. They are not fulfilling their fiduciary duty to SHAREHOLDERS and are covering their own backsides by not allowing the stock to trade and by ceasing to make timely REQUIRED reports with the SEC. It was fine for them to sell THEIR shares, but now they are blocking everybody else from doing so. Busshaus is more insulated with his program of regular selling, but Spencer needs to answer when he became aware of the bond and what prompted him to sell a huge chunk of his shares in late September of 2013.

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      • what did he report? nothing. the only thing he said that was true is that there is no list of where the kiosk are located. well if you have ever been to asian cities and many other countries they mainly do not have an address like you you have here it is not a number a street and a city. it is a name of a general area then a street maybe then a another area sometimes a landmark or big building. how are you going to find a kiosk the same way. I think you are Jon Carne's buddie if you think he reports anything he is in a Canadian jail for doing this to stock there. I imagine he will be facing charges here soon when this issue is resolved by the NYSE who if does not seek prosecution of him risk the stability of every stock on the exchange and that will crash the market faster then anything as soon as people see that the most solid of companies it up for slim pickens by economic terrorist that only need to post a few comments to start a snowball down hill toward the town to be wiped out.

      • Expected the unexpected! Anything can happen; "flying pigs" only in movies kid, try to understand.