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  • truthwantsout truthwantsout Jun 4, 2014 8:28 AM Flag

    IS *NQ* Spike Upward Shape of Things to Come for FAB?


    Everyone on this board has agreed NQ is a good harbinger for FAB (even LB on *NQ* down days). Well Look... NQ is a Phoenix rising. Perhaps this same fate is possible for FAB with a good investigative report and good plans to file the 10-K. Most likely we'll see in a week or two when FAB has its appeal hearing.

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    • =Everyone on this board has agreed NQ is a good harbinger for FAB (even LB on *NQ* down days).

      I have never agreed with that. Each company's situation is different. I have stated many times how DIFFERENT their responses are and not how alike they are. NQ went on the offensive and increased transparency while FAB went dark and refused to cooperate with their auditor to stay current on required SEC filings. You are twisting away again and this is more of your idiotic logic that if NQ goes up that FAB must go up, too. Like your counter-argument... if Carnes is bad then FAB must be good. I think they BOTH have their problems.

      It is amazing the NQ delusional will only see what they want while ignoring the most important paragraph:

      "Despite the Investigation Team's extensive review of documents and data provided by sources both within and outside the Company, the Investigation Team could not verify that the devices it collected and copied contained all responsive information at the time the copies were made. On many devices, the Investigation Team observed indications that some information might be missing, and the Company's management and staff were unable to provide a credible explanation for what the Investigation Team observed."

      You can't verify fraud if they remove all references to it. They were even caught and couldn't provide a credible explanation. The report can be summarized that, "We were given information with all references to fraud removed so we can't report that we SAW any fraud".

      Get a clue.