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  • truthwantsout truthwantsout Aug 4, 2014 3:40 PM Flag

    FAB Annual Meeting Date and Location?


    Time permitting, i will look over the filings for the next FAB stockholder's meeting. I am interested in attending (depending on events in next two months). I think I read October 2014. I will search for the date. Any idea what is the location? Pittsburgh? LA? Palm Beach? Anyone know where it was last year? I seem to remember Palm Beach. Thanks...

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    • Two possible locations...1. The Federal Prison in Joliet, ILL. 2. The Honky Tonk Bar next to the Motel 6 in Dead Gulch ARK.

    • who phocking cares about annual guys are sitting on a halted stock he he he he he he

    • Last year's meeting was June 26,2013 at the Residence Inn in Delray Beach, FL

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      • Any shareholder can petition the court now to force an annual shareholder meeting:

        7-107-103. Court-ordered meeting. (1) The holding of a meeting of the shareholders may be summarily ordered by the district court of the county in this state where the corporation's principal office is located or, if the corporation has no principal office in this state, by the district court of the county in which its registered office is located:

        (a) On application of any shareholder entitled to participate in an annual meeting if an annual meeting was not held within the earlier of six months after the close of the corporation's most recently ended fiscal year or fifteen months after its last annual meeting.

        Note it says the EARLIER of six months after the most recently ended fiscal year of 15 months after the June 26, 2013 meeting. At any time after June 30, 2014 any shareholder can petition the Colorado court to force an annual shareholder meeting. At this meeting, they can submit a slate of their own candidates for the BOD and take back their company from those that are destroying it.

        I am always amazed that shareholders simply bend over and take it when they have the law on their side. These charlatans that have forgotten who owns the company should be reminded. Force the meeting and vote them all out. The new BOD can fire Spencer and Busshaus and begin healing the damage they caused.